Stock Collection for Claire House

The Charity Retail Association have provided a really useful guide to Spring clear outs which the Claire House Stock Collection team want to share it with you.

Organise – write ‘Keep’ ‘Throw’ ‘Donate’ on 3 separate pieces of paper & create 3 distinct piles next to them.

Ask the Question – Does this item have a function, a purpose or a use in your everyday life? If it doesn’t…..let it go.

12 month rule – if you haven’t worn/looked at/used an item in the last year are you just keeping it out of habit? You’ve simply stopped noticing it. Give it another life by donating it.

Does it fit you? – Is your isolation exercise regime going so well that you’ve been online and bought a few summer items in a size smaller for when your ready to mingle again. Put your old clothes onto the ‘Donate’ pile.

Joy Factor – Does an item give you a little spark of happiness when you wear it or see it. If not, replace it with something that does & let someone else try and rediscover the magic with your old item.


Local, Reliable, Grateful

If you’re having a self isolation Spring clear out…..Claire House shops could really use these items when we are eventually able to open our shops again.

If you can’t get them to our shops please call us on 0151 346 2965 or text ‘CHSHOPS’ to 66777 (Monday to Friday) to arrange a collection.

We’ll get you into our post lockdown diary.