Stuck at home? It’s time to Step Up for Claire House!

We’re challenging you to ‘climb’ one of the Three Peaks from the comfort of your own home. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not even climb all 3!

You can cover the distance by going up the stairs, on and off a single step, or even by tracking steps around your garden or living room. However you do it, every step counts towards your journey to the summit.

Taking part will not only be supporting your local children’s hospice, but will also support both your physical and mental health.

Sign up today:

Register for the Scafell Pike Challenge (412 flights of stairs, or 6180 steps)
Register for the Snowdon Challenge (475 flights, or 7120 steps)
Register for the Ben Nevis Challenge (587 flights, or 8810 steps)
Register for the Three Peaks Challenge (1474 flights, or 22,110 steps)

How does it work?

We ask each challenger to cover the distance of one or all of the mountains of the Three Peaks (Scafell Pike, Snowdon and Ben Nevis) at home.

After you’ve completed your challenge you will submit proof of your steps covered, which will then be verified by Realbuzz.

Registration is £10, and all successful climbers will receive a digital Step Up medal and certificate.

How do I fundraise?

We strongly suggest setting up a JustGiving Page  and sharing this online with friends and family.

How can I complete the distance at home?

You can ‘climb’ your mountain(s) by going up and down the stairs at home (down doesn’t count towards your steps though, sorry!), stepping on and off a static step, or by covering a set number of steps around your garden or home. Whatever works for you!

It’s a long way. Do I have to do it all at once?

Not at all! We recommend spreading out your challenge and doing a set number of steps each day across a number of days or weeks.

You can also complete the challenge as an individual, or as a family/household challenge with each person’s steps counting towards your final goal.

How do I keep track of my steps?

You can use your preferred iPhone or Android app, a website such as Strava or use a wearable fitness tracker.

*When registering for Step Up, you agree to the following:
You are responsible for ensuring that you are fit enough to undertake the challenge and are safe at all times when taking part. As you are taking part in your own time and this is not an organised event, Claire House Children’s Hospice cannot be held responsible for your safety in any way.  If you have any queries at all regarding undertaking this endurance activity, you should consult with your GP before you plan to take part. By registering to take part, you are confirming that you are fit and able to cover the set number of steps. If you are taking part as a family or if you are aged 15 years or under, Claire House must have written permission from a parent/guardian for the minors that are taking part. Children should be supervised during this activity, especially when using the stairs.
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Just Giving

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