Welcome to the Counselling and Family Support section.  We hope you find the information we are posting here useful.  They are all geared to help you look after your mental health and resilience at a time where life is chaotic and the world may feel a little scary.  If you have any other ideas of information you would like to see from us, please email Tash (Natasha.williamson@clairehouse.org.uk).  Happy reading!


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Mental Health Resilience 

#1 General tips to support mental health & resilience

#2 Be in the know, self-isolation & relaxation

#3 Diffusing conflict within the family home

#4 Coronavirus comic – that can stay as it is

#5 Conflict between children/young people

#6 Where has the weekend gone?

#7 Coronavirus – Tips to support mental health & well being

#8 Pathway to Happiness

#9 Unhelpful Thoughts and CBT

#10 Coping with Brain Fog

#11 Growing into a new normal around Coronavirus

#12 Shrinking social circles

#13 Am I ok? Are you ok? Is anyone ok?