Claire House Rapid Response Team:  will continue to provide a 24/7 on call service for end of life care (all care settings) in collaboration with the Alder Hey SPCT.  


Dr Susie Holt Palliative Care Consultant and Lesley Fellows Nurse Consultant will be the lead professionals to lead, support and coordinate End of Life care (EOLC) across all care settings and will be liaising daily with the clinical teams at Alder Hey specifically working closely with the critical care teams. We will also continue to liaise with the perinatal teams at Liverpool Women’s Hospital. They will also be working with the teams at Alder Hey to provide symptom management advice and support for children and families in the hospital setting. 


Setting for end of life care: 
If a child is identified to be actively dying and a family’s preferred place for care is for hospice or to stay at home, this will be considered our highest triage priority, as it is both important and urgent, and we are uniquely placed to accommodate such a request. However, this will only be possible if we have the appropriately skilled workforce and all equipment and medicines required available.  


Symptom Management Telephone Advice Line:  

From Monday 30th March the Rapid Response Team will be providing a telephone advice line Monday to Friday 9-5pm for all children who access Claire House. This advice line will be staffed by one of our Nurse Specialists and will try and support you to care for your child at home if they are unwell. This is not to replace any other services such as 111 or attending hospital however we appreciate that such lines are very busy, and you may not be able to get through in a timely fashion. We are hoping that some hints and tips for managing mild symptoms both related to coronavirus or not, will give you the reassurance to manage your child at home. The direct number to call is 07766478404.