Welcome to the Clinical Therapies (OT and Physio) Support section.  We hope you find the information we are posting here useful.  You will find tips and advice around all things sensory, developmental play ideas for babies, exercise and posture to help you through this challenging time and give some stability amongst the chaos! If you have any other ideas of information you would like to see from us, please email katy.fox@clairehouse.org.uk or sarah.hartill@clairehouse.org.uk

Exercises and Posture

Calming Strategies for Home

Physio Exercise Ideas for Home

Postural Care 

Your Posture Matters

Breathing Exercises for Children


Movement Breaks – These are important for everyone to help use have a change in position and posture, help us… to stay focused and calm. They are particularly important for children with sensory challenges who may seek movement often in unsafe ways. Equally they are important for children who may appear lethargic and uninterested and need sensory input to help them stay regulated. This link is for ideas in the classroom but can be modified for use at home.

Awake Time Ideas


Sensory Experiences at Home

Sensory Tips for Social Isolation

Making Sense of Sensory Behaviour

Sensory Play for Kids with Special Needs

Sensory Teeth Brushing

Sensory Bin Ideas


Sensory Play Videos

An Introduction to Sensory Play

Puzzle Session

Mark Making

Pom Pom Session

Play Doh Session

Threading Session

Water Session


Toy and Play

0 – 3 months

3 – 6 months

6 – 9 months

9 – 12 months

12 – 24 months

24 – 36 months


Additional Resources

Helping to Reassure at Home – This is a resource for parents to reassure children that if they follow guidelines on staying home, socially distancing and washing their hands, that they can actually stay safe and keep others safe, for children this means their parents and family stay safe.