Jan Goodacre

Jan - Admin and Cash Office Manager - Claire House

“I ensure every penny is accounted for and goes where it should.”

Jan has been part of Claire House since the beginning of 1999, when she left a job at a chartered accountants.

Opening all the donations sent into the hospice and ensuring they all end up in the right place can lead to some fascinating discoveries, like the day a few years ago she opened an envelope to find a cheque for £96,000. She says: “That caused quite a bit of excitement! It was a gift from someone’s will. It was a great moment, we were very grateful that someone had been so generous.”

Now one of Claire House’s longest-serving employees, Jan says: “I love my colleagues and coming into work every day but the best thing about working for Claire House is knowing you are making a difference to all of those families, providing a fantastic place for people to come in really challenging times.”