Giving back gave me a newfound confidence

Claire House receptionist Trish explains why volunteering has helped her as well as others

Trish took up volunteering to help others less fortunate and is now encouraging people to do the same after it restored her self-esteem.

Trish started volunteering for Claire House Children’s Hospice in Wirral five years ago after leaving the IT department at Merseyside Police.

But little did she know, giving something back would benefit her as she gained a newfound confidence.

Trish, who worked for Barclays for 31 years and Merseyside Police for 10 years, said: “I was done with paid work. I wanted to be able to control my life a bit more but equally I wanted to do a role that would give something back.

“I wanted to work for a hospice because the situations people find themselves in are upsetting and they need as much help as possible. I just didn’t realise how wonderful and happy a children’s hospice would be – finding that out was my reward.”

Trish, who also does voluntary admin work at Claire House’s Liverpool site, said the two roles have boosted her confidence.

She said: “Volunteering has kept my self-esteem high, because I’d been out of work for a while, which was my choice, but I wanted to start mixing with people again. I knew I could do something of value, I just had to prove that.

“If you stay out of work for too long you lose confidence. Getting back into the workplace helps – it doesn’t matter if it’s unpaid, it’s how you add value as a volunteer.

“I love my role with Claire House. I find it really rewarding and everybody values what you do.

“I’m giving something back and I know it’s welcomed. So, it makes me feel satisfied and I get to share some great times with some lovely people.

“The atmosphere is nice, and the people are so helpful. Everyone is up for a chat or a laugh with the motive of supporting the families and children.”

Litherland-born Trish said the rewards are huge – not only for the hospice but the volunteers too.

She said: “Volunteering is something you’ve got to want to do but the rewards are enormous because you know you’ve given your time and people recognise it as being worth pounds.

“My part might be small but it’s worth something.”


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