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Claire House Lottery

Help Claire House plan for the future with this fun and easy way to support your local children’s hospice.

For only £1 per week you will be entered into our draw. Every Friday winners are selected at random with 41 prizes up for grabs and the chance of winning up to £10,000. Cheques are posted out directly to the winners, so you don’t even need to claim your prize – it’s that easy. You must be over 18 to enter. Proceeds from the lottery are unrestricted which means we can use it where we need it most, such as respite care and physiotherapy.

Claire House receives a minimum of 85% of all proceeds from the lottery, which is spent on our good cause work. 7% of proceeds go on prizes and 8% on expenses*data correct May 2020.

There is a 1 in 607 chance of winning a prize in the Claire House Lottery every week* data correct as of April 2020.

Lottery Permissions

You can change your permissions at any time and opt out at any point in the future by contacting the Fundraising Office directly on 0151 343 0883.