Equality & Diversity at Claire House

At Claire House, we are committed to promoting inclusion and actively seek to eliminate discrimination based on gender, age, disability, race, religion, sexuality or social status.

We understand that all the children and young adults we support are very different – that’s why we aim to deliver accessible, individualised experiences, in a way that respects the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of each person and their loved ones.

Our ambition is to reach out to every child and young adult who needs us and also to support their families. We know that not everybody will want our help, and we might not be the only organisation who can support them, but we want to ensure that everyone knows what we do and what is available so that they can make an informed choice.

We celebrate and welcome all those who use our services, volunteer for us, support us or work for us, no matter who they are. However, we understand more needs to be done. To prioritise this work we set up our Equality & Diversity Group.

Over the next two years we seek to:

  • challenge bias and cultural barriers to create a more equal and diverse environment
  • enable Claire House to support families, staff and volunteers from a range of backgrounds appropriately
  • reach out to more families and attract the best staff and volunteers
  • ensure everyone, no matter their culture or background feels welcome