Kat and Paula from the perinatal team at Claire House explain how our Butterfly Babies group supports parents bereaved through baby loss.

Butterfly Babies is a group for mums and dads bereaved through baby loss. The group allows parents going through similar things to support and talk to each other.

Alice, who lost her twins Zara and Matilda and attends the group, said: “It is a nice, safe space to meet people who are in a similar situation to us. I have made friends and even though it’s a sad situation, it has brought us together.

“It’s nice that something comforting can come out of something so sad. I am so glad I decided to go to the first morning. I was nervous but left feeling supported and listened to.”

Kat and Paula are part of the perinatal team at Claire House who provide vital support to new and expectant parents.

Kat said: “We set up the group four years ago. It started as a coffee morning for mums but as the group went on it became very clear that a lot of dads wanted to be involved too.

“It was a very therapeutic group from session one, and we quickly sought assistance from the counselling team to co-facilitate. The group meet monthly and in this protected environment can talk, listen and share their stories.”

Charlotte, who started going to the group after she lost her son Finley, said: “We attended our first group just two weeks after Finley’s funeral. As I sat there, the tears started to fall and I struggled to find the words to tell our story. The unspoken understanding between us all was one of our few comforts and still is today.”

“Connecting with others at the Butterfly group has helped me to feel less alone. The first Tuesday of each month became our Finley day, a day for my husband and I to share our feelings.”

It is because of you that we can be here for parents like Alice and Charlotte, thank you.