100ks of Summer - Claire House Event

Over the 100 days of Summer, step out for Claire House and run, walk, jog or ramble 100 kilometers for your local children’s hospice. From 1k a day to 2 and a half marathons, we challenge you to cover this distance your way!


How does it work?

Registration is completely free!

We ask each 100ks of Summer challenger to run or walk 100k during 26th May – 2nd September and raise a minimum of £100 for Claire House.

Once you’re signed up, we’ll send your 100ks of Summer pack in the post; this will include a Distance Tracker form to record your progression on, a Sponsorship Form and a Claire House top for you to wear during your challenge!

After you’ve completed your challenge and have raised your sponsorship, you’ve got until 30th September to post/email in your Distance Tracker (or other evidence of your 100ks) and your sponsorship funds (minimum sponsorship £100 per person for a medal). We’ll then post you out your awesome 100ks of Summer medal!


How can I reach my 100k?

You can do this however you’d like between 26th May and 2nd September. A few ways you could reach your target:

Walk 1k a day!

Run or walk 5k x 20 times

Run or walk 10k x 10 times

Build up your distances throughout the Summer; e.g. 2k x 10, 5k x 10, 10k x 3 = 100k!

If you’re ready for it, take on a few bigger distances and tally them up! Whether you’re walking or running, they all count towards your 100k target.


How do I keep track of my distance?

In your pack we’ll send you a ‘Distance Tracker’ form so you can write down each time you work towards your 100k target. There’s lots of iPhone/Android Apps or watch technology you can use now to see exactly how far you walk/run when you step out, or you can use an online map to see how far your route was.


How do I fundraise?

Your pack will include lots of ideas to help you fundraise, but our top two ways are:

Use the Sponsorship Form  we send you and ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you.

Set up a JustGiving Page  and fundraise online (we’ll include information about this in your pack!)


*When registering for 100ks of Summer, you agree to the following:

By organising your own regime to run, trek or walk 100km within 100 days, you are responsible for ensuring that you are fit enough to undertake the challenge and are safe at all times when taking part. As you are taking part in your own time and this is not an organised event, Claire House Children’s Hospice cannot be held responsible for your safety in any way.  If you have any queries at all regarding undertaking this endurance activity, you must consult with your GP before you plan to run, trek or walk 100km over 100 days. If there are any changes in circumstances that would impact your ability to take part, you must notify Claire House Children’s Hospice. By registering to take part, you are confirming that you are fit and able to run, trek or walk 100km within 100 days. If you are taking part as a family or if you are aged 15 years or under, Claire House must have written permission from a parent/guardian for the minors that are taking part. In order to receive your 100ks of Summer Medal, we first need to receive a minimum of £100 in sponsorship per person, before the medals are posted out.


Sign up to take part by enquiring below! 

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Saturday 26 May 2018 to Sunday 2 September 2018


United Kingdom

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