Guides and Scouts

We would be delighted to support your Scouts and Guides in working towards their next badge and let them know how they are helping seriously ill children and their families at Claire House.

Interactive session
We would love to pop along to one of your meetings to tell you all about Claire House. These sessions would always be age appropriate and free of charge. We can tell you all about the Hospice, some lovely happy stories, all about how you can help and we can even teach you some Makaton if you fancy it!

Get in touch using the form below to chat with us about what you can get from a session.

Claire House Awards

Our Claire House Hero Awards are a chance for young people to get involved with Claire House in different ways. Young people aged between 8-18 can choose from a variety of tasks to complete, including telling others about the work of Claire House, taking part in an event, helping at a Claire House shop and many more. Once completed, they receive a certificate and a badge. Click here to learn more.

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Fundraising - Guides and Scouts

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