Home Day Care

The community team offers sessions of respite care at home to respond to crises or emergencies that may arise.

Such crisis could be step down care from hospital following surgery or a period of illness; acute illness at home i.e. chest infection; social crisis; end of life care and other unplanned situations.

The respite we offer at home is often planned on a week to week basis depending on the needs of the case load and we try to respond to all that require care where we can.

Such respite cannot be classed as an ongoing care package and should the need be on a longer term basis we will refer to the appropriate agencies from health or social care.

Planned day-care may be planned in advanced and allocated monthly and family can stay during day-care sessions if they wish.

A nurse or HCSW will be allocated to the session for a time negotiated with the family. We also work closely with the play team and other therapies. A risk assessment will be carried out before any home respite takes place to ensure the right equipment and staffing are in place.

During the respite session, activities will be planned around what we know the child or young person’s likes are, such as sensory play, massage, storytelling or a trip out with our wheelchair accessible vehicle.

An evaluation of the child/young person’s session will always be given to the family before leaving the home.