Today, Tuesday 14th April, the family and friends of baby Ana have fundraised to Pay for a Day at Claire House.

Ana’s mum Emma said: “My husband and I were excitedly expecting twin girls, but at our 20 week scan, we found out that one of our girls, Ana, had a problem with her kidneys and the outlook wasn’t good. At this point, Claire House stepped in and were amazing throughout, attending scans with us, answering any questions we had, and reassuring during extremely scary and uncertain times.

“I carried Ana and Olivia to term, and we sadly lost Ana just after she was born. Ana was such a beautiful little girl, and let out a big cry when she was born, but sadly took her last breath lying on my chest, wrapped up warm with her little twin sister.

“After we left hospital with our two girls, we all stayed at Claire House together. In the Butterfly Suite, we could actually spend time holding her and make the very precious memories that we have of her short life today. We cherish these moments every single day.

“I cannot thank Claire House enough for the support they have given and continue to give my family. It’s lovely that our family could fundraise to cover the cost of one full day of care at Claire House in Ana’s memory, and special mention must go to my cousin Mark, who rowed a marathon every day for 25 days for Claire House, which was a phenomenal achievement!”