Catherine Livesey

Catherine - Family Support - Claire House

“It’s my job to support families who have lost a child.”

Catherine has worked at Claire House since she was nineteen years old. In her earlier Claire House days she worked on the Care Team, delivering the children’s daily care needs, later she worked as a Play Co-ordinator and most recently as a Counsellor and Team Leader in the Family Support Team.

“I am often asked how I have been able to work in a children’s hospice for so many years. People say ‘it must be so sad where you work’. ‘Yes, it is’ I reply-I can’t deny the depth of sadness and unfairness of life that brings the majority of families who need to access Claire House services. However, I always contrast this sadness by expressing that Claire House is a place of living, a place of fun, a haven of safety for so many who walk through the doors. From relaxing family swim sessions, to fun themed dress up days to trips to the zoo, families take home wonderful memories of their time spent at Claire House. Claire House brings hope and light to families in the toughest of times and to play a small part in these moments is what has kept me firmly rooted with Claire House”.

Catherine’s most recent role as a counsellor at Claire House means that she can work therapeutically to support children and their families.

“I am incredibly proud to work for an organisation where together we make life’s hardest times a little easier for the families who come to Claire House. To offer empathy, laughter and hope, like a beacon of hope to Claire House families really is a huge privilege”