Claire House HellRunner Team 1

It is just 3 months to go until Hell Up North and the Claire House HellRunner team have officially starting prepping for it!

With individuals from all across the hospice taking part, including fundraisers, care staff and our Chief Executive, this is going to be a challenge many will not not want to miss.

Hell Up North is an extreme mud run, taking on Mother Nature in this intense half marathon, involving Lucifer’s Lido, the notorious Bog of Doom, the Hills of Hell and Devil’s Disco.

Some of Claire House’s team are regular competitors, having taken part in Hell Runner or other races in the past, while for some October 13th will be the first time they will traipse through the Bog of Doom. Everyone at the hospice will be rooting for them and cannot wait to see how muddy they all get.

The Claire House HellRunner Team

Today, the Claire House team have been sharing what they are most and least looking forward to when they take on Hell Up North. Watch the videos and see if you agree with their choices!


Role: Chief Executive

Current Fitness Level: ‘credible’ (I am running the Snowdon Half Marathon this weekend) but am I tall enough to avoid the need for a snorkel?

Experience: I have a decent level of experience – 10 marathons, climbed Kilimanjaro twice, been to Everest base camp and countless other silly challenges. I draw the line at being electrocuted, so Tough Mudder is not for me!

(If you do not know what the Bog of Eternal Stench is, i.e. David’s Bog of Doom, please watch Labyrinth)



Role: Trusts Fundraiser

Current Fitness Level: Average, I am more of a gym-goer and yoga-doer, rather than a crazy hill runner!

Experience: I have never done an event like this before, a complete newbie to HellRunner.




Jess C

Role: Corporate Partnerships Fundraiser

Current Fitness Level: I wouldn’t say I am unfit but I definitely need to get some more training in before October! I’d describe myself as a happy 5K runner and I like going jogging with my dog a couple of times a week.

Experience: A group of us from work took on a 12-hour cycle/kayak/mountain walk in Snowdonia last year which was lots of fun and two years ago we did Tough Mudder. I loved both challenges but there wasn’t that much running involved so I’m excited to see how I cope with HellRunner!



Role: Clinical Services Administrator

Current Fitness Level: Above average and exercise regularly.

Experience: Experience of running/ challenge events… Err I’m a bit mental. Challenge events include Beat the Builder and HellRunner. Running events include triathlons, 5k – Marathons, Tour of Merseyside (52 Mile across 6 races in 1 week), Whistle Stop tour (26 miles across 3 days).



Jess M

Role: Fundraising Receptionist

Current Fitness Level: My current fitness level is ‘a person who can go for a nice leisurely walk and then stop for cake’. I am moderately fit as I have a 3 year old, but like cake too much.

Experience:  Hell Runner is completely new to me and my very first ever challengeI actually used to be a very keen runner, went to the gym, and did army style ‘drill’ training, this was a good couple of years ago though. I am now more into a spot of yoga (and cake).



Role: Running and Challenge Fundraiser

Current Fitness Level: I think my level is a solid 5 (distinctly average).

Experience: I do run but for me to do over 6 miles is quite rare! The longest competitive run I have done is a 10k, so HellRunner will be a new level of challenge for me.




As the official charity partner for Hell Up North, Claire House would like to say a big “Thank You” to everyone taking part and good luck in their training.

Next stop for the team is taking part in Claire Bear’s Boot Camp. We will keep you updated on how they do.

How can you get involved with Claire House?

Would you like to show your support for Claire House and take on one of the toughest half marathons out there? You can easily sign up now for a free VIP place with Claire House. Remember you only have 3 months left, so do not miss out if you are thinking about taking part.