Are you aged between 8 and 18? Would you like to earn a badge and certificate whilst helping Claire House? Then these awards are for you!

Our Claire House Hero Awards are a chance to get young people more involved with Claire House in different ways. Each award has different tasks to complete depending on your age. Tasks range from telling someone about Claire House, helping at an event by giving out medals or helping to do some research. There are lots of different tasks to choose from.

Our awards are:

Claire House Mini Hero Award- Age 8-10

Claire House Hero Award- Age 11-13

Claire House Champion Award- Age 14-15

Claire House Legend Award Age 16-18

To find out more about what is involved in each award and to sign up, follow the link below.

*Please note there is no need to fill out the main volunteering sign up form for this opportunity, the sign up form is a shorter one at the bottom of the awards page, which can be found when following the link below.

Apply here!